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Eugene and Myla Montgomery join Artists Sunday Alliance To Support Local Artists on Artists Sunday,

Eugene and Myla Montgomery (or Designs by Myla and Eugene) announced that they have joined the Artists Sunday alliance, and that they will promote local artisans and craftspeople on Artists Sunday, which is celebrated on November 29, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Artist Sunday, falling between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday® and Cyber Monday, is a day dedicated to encouraging consumers to shop with artists and give something special, unique, and hand-crafted this holiday season. Eugene and Myla appreciate the culture artists create and the impact they have on our local community, while adding expression and beauty to our lives.

With the cancelling of Holiday Bazaars and Art Shows, Eugene and Myla looked for other venues to sell their artwork -- Then came along Artists Sunday. What a great idea! They miss the socializing at the Shows and meeting new friends and seeing former acquaintances.

Artists from across the country are participating in Artists Sunday, representing a full range of art, hand-crafted items, and performances. The diversity of artisans allows consumers to ‘shop art’ this Artists Sunday and give something personal and meaningful this holiday season.

About Designs by Myla and Eugene

Eugene grew up in South Carolina, then New York City and finally to Seattle. Myla was born in Iowa and moved to Denver and finally Seattle. They have both been doing art in some form starting in the early years. They have been married now 24 years and enjoy working on their creative pieces together.

About Artists Sunday

Artists Sunday is the nationwide movement dedicated to supporting artists and recognizing the impact they have in enriching our lives, communities, and the economy. The powerful new effort is designed to make the Sunday after Thanksgiving the most profitable day of the year for artists. Consumers are encouraged to shop with artists and purchase creative, handcrafted gifts for the holidays. Artists Sunday follows Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, prior to Cyber Monday. Supporters include individual artists, economic development agencies and non-profit organizations across the country. To learn more about Artists Sunday artists, partners, sponsors, or involvement in promoting commerce with artists, please visit

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